Who We Are

The AdMo Team

AdMo’s amazing staff and crew are here to help you make your riding dreams a reality! AdMo-Tours Inc. in Wrightwood has a team of a docent or so knowledgeable and dedicated tour guides waiting to make your motorcycle vacation most memorable. The Las Vegas operations is run by Steve Makar and his team. Steve is an unbelievable devoted off-road rider with fantastic skills to cater patiently to all riders. The global team is a group of employees and freelancers who know the areas we travel. Tours in foreign countries are often in cooperation with native tour guides or operated by local providers.

Uwe Diemer

The owner of the business, Uwe Diemer, loves adventure!

It all started in his early childhood. Born in Switzerland and raised in Germany, he jumped on his bicycle at the age of 13 and rode by himself, sometimes for two weeks in a row from Germany through Switzerland and around.

His playground was the MX track near his parent’s house. He passed the track almost daily to visit school or friends. His trips got longerand soon there were nearly no limits, he visited nearby cities on his moppet, and extended traveling with the first motorcycle across borders to tour Europe.

After finishing apprenticeship as a tool and die maker, he moved to Switzerland and in his spare time, he did supersport and superbike racing on tracks like Monza and Brno.

Uwe Diemer’s Timeline


Uwe caught the ultimate travel bug. He saddled his Yamaha XT600 and started out to explore Africa. In eight months, he traveled through 14 countries, crossed the Sahara, the Congo up to the Serengeti, and managed to ride more than 30,000 km (19,000 miles).


Uwe returned to Switzerland, modified his motorcycle, and planned another adventure, this time in South America. He traveled for twenty-one months, passing the Andes several times, as well as the Amazon and the Darien jungle. After about 65,000 km (40,000 miles), he reached the United States and was overwhelmed by the beauty of the California desert. In the United States, he worked as a freelance tour guide, working for motorcycle travel agencies and crossing the country countless times, from Los Angeles to Chicago, from Seattle to Miami. Those tours took him into countless national parks, into Canada, and to some of the world’s biggest biker rallies, such as Sturgis.


Uwe registered the company name AdMo-Tours (Adventure Motorcycle Tours) and created a website for arranging motorcycle rentals as an agency worldwide. He also organized and operated guided tours in Bolivia, Chile, Peru, the US, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and Romania.


Uwe founds AdMo-Tours Inc. in California, with a focus on motorcycle off-road adventure. This gave him the opportunity to develop a special off-road training program, offering riding classes with the motto “Learn to Ride – Ride to Improve.” With his incredible passion and his unlimited experience, it is pure fun for Uwe to launch fascinating dirt bike rides and motorcycle tours.

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