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Dave W., Colorado
I took a lesson in Las Vegas two weeks ago with John and I just wanted to say it was so far beyond my expectations. I have learned a lot of things in my life but I can say I have never had someone help me absorb so much information so quickly and be able to put it to immediate use. I had never been on a motorcycle and John was literally explaining things like “one down and five up” and the next day I rode with my group of advanced buddies on a 130 mile track where I kept up every step of the way. It was astounding. John was patient and observant and ego-free which made the lesson a zero-pressure situation. Frankly, I have been scared of motorcycles my whole life and John changed all of that and I could not be more appreciative.

Megan B., California
We had a blast! Thanks for such a memorable day! We are soooo sore, this will be memorable for days! Hahaha!

Matt H., California
First of all: Huge thanks! Your staff, facilities and the whole experience exceeded our expectations. Very professional. Very Safe and great fun. We had a blast and we have memories that will last forever.

Kelly W., Nevada
This week on Tue and Wed I was with Tim receiving dirt bike training. I want to commend your company for having an employee like Tim. He was excellent beyond my expectations. Tim was extremely knowledgeable about all facets of motorcycles and motorcycle riding. He was also a patient, kind and fun instructor. He is certainly an asset to your company of which you can be proud. Thank you.

Joe D., California
Hey AdMo Representatives,
I just wanted to let you know that my son, nephew and myself had a great time taking the full day training/riding course with Uwe Diemer last Wednesday. Uwe is a powerhouse of knowledge with the patience and skill to share it with dirt bike newcomers. He showed us enough basics in one day to allow us to safely ride and enjoy ourselves on multi terrain surfaces. Although it would take years of riding to appreciate what we learned from Uwe and turn it into hard core practical experience, we were able to negotiate rough terrain with some skill instead of relying on blind faith. Had we just rented bikes, we would have most likely just ridden around on the smooth lake bed surface for a few hours until we got bored. We’ll be back. Thanks.

Peter D., California
Thanks for a wonderful experience of the 2 day Dirt-Bike Riding and Training. Although I was not in the best of shape, you looked out for me and chose trips that I could handle. While you might not have thought the trips or experiences were remarkable, the opportunity to see you ride and copy your style really helped me with my technique. Your pointers about use of the throttle and shifting your weight were a great help. Thanks again.

Randall M., California
Hi Uwe, Here is the link to the Training/Ride Review I posted on

Dave M.
I want to let you know that I had an awesome experience with Steve the past two days. As you know this was the first time that I had ever ridden a motorcycle period. Steve was an awesome teacher and I had a fantastic experience…Thank you.

B. Jonathan
The whole day of training was fantastic, but of course the very most fun for me was at the end when we were riding around on trails, looking for challenging sections where Jim would always stop, explain how to tackle whatever the terrain was, demonstrate, and then help me learn to get through/over whatever it was by having me try it several times with constructive criticisms in between my attempts. Absolutely awesome, and Jim truly was fantastic! It honestly exceeded my expectations, and I do not give that sort of praise lightly. There is truly not one single thing that could have improved the trip (except for the sand storm toward the end of the day, but there’s nothing anyone can do about that, and Jim expertly got us back to the Van just fine).

R. Oded
My friend and I had a great time at El Mirage on our dirt bike training day. We’re actually considering coming back there with another friend of ours and do another dirt bike day.


Nick B., California
We had an amazing time on Saturday! Daron is a fantastic guide and a great guy. I’ll be back. Thanks!

Kevin P.
I had an awesome experience. We rode 100 miles out into the middle of nowhere and I loved every second of it! Darryl and Craig were first rate tour guides and very friendly too. I’ll remember this experience the rest of my life, and I am so glad I did it.

Anke I., New York
Thanks again for a great day of motorcycling. It was so much fun, and I learned a few things, too. I had blisters on my hands and knee!! the next day, and a few little bruises from where that tree jumped at me, but I really can’t wait to come back. This one day ride through mountains and desert was perfect for me. Now I know that I can do this (and enjoy it), and that I want to do this more often…

George S., New Jersey
Last week a friend and myself took a 1 day ride with your tour company. All I can say is absolutely amazing!! Our guide Frank was a pleasure to ride with and rode at a enjoyable speed. The motorcycles provided ran perfect and were mechanically sound. Our day was filled with adventure, fun, laughs (thanks, Frank) and some of the most breath-taking scenery. I haven’t stop talking about the ride since back in NJ. I’m planning on coming back with at least 4-6 riders next time! I highly recommend this ride to anyone looking to experience riding on the west coast. Thank you, Uwe, and your terrific staff for providing such outstanding service!

David G., Scotts Valley
I had a great time riding with you the other day. Thanks for waiting up for my slow —the whole time. Anyone who is considering doing a tour, stop considering it and just do it. Stop making the excuses and get out there. I guarantee it will be the best riding you have ever done. I have been riding for 15 years. It was the farthest I ever rode, it was the most diverse terrain I have ever ridden, it was the most challenging terrain I have ever ridden, the conditions were perfect, the DRZ was flawless (to the point that I am looking into getting one), and I am a better rider after the trip. And that was only one day. I even ate an ostrich burger for lunch, talk about an adventure. I made excuses like your doing right now. It’s too much money, I could bring my own bike and ride, I don’t need a guide blah blah blah. Get over it people. It will be the best money you ever spent. I can’t wait to do it again. It was like I was rich for a day. I show up and meet my guide. He’s looks very slender and fit. He’s Swiss and he has a strong European accent. At that point I know I’m in for some serious riding. Those European guys are crazy and they will ride up anything. I tell him a little bit about my riding experience and I suit up. I hop on a bike that’s was prepped for me (perfectly prepped I might add). Then I rode my —off for 95 miles and only 10 of that was on the pavement. We got back and I was wiped out. I hop off of the bike and walk away. No loading up just change and drive home. I felt like a factory rider or something. They take care of everything so all you have to do is ride. It’s like Disneyland for adults.

By far the best value for your money is the knowledge of the area by the guide. We stop on the top of a mountain range and he points to another mountain range that’s across a canyon and on the other side of a lake. He then tells you how you are going to get there. You look where he’s pointing and it seems impossible. A few hours later you stop again you stop on the top of another mountain range and he points back to that mountain range where you just were. I have ridden for 15 years and I didn’t know this type of riding was possible. The experience has changed the way I view off road riding. I have put my dirt bike up for sale and I am getting a dual sport. It has opened my eyes to the potential of what off road riding can truly be. Be honest with staff about your ability and tell them what you want. They will give you exactly what you want. I told him that I wanted to be challenged and that’s what he gave me. He checked on me repeatedly during the day and when he knew I wanted more he poured it on. I was dead at the end of the day, but that’s what I wanted. I like to leave it all out on the trail. At one point we stopped and I told him that I was done and I mean I was spent, finished, kaput. I told him that I was ready to call it day. We hopped on a paved road and were back at the office in 15 minutes. Tell them what you want and they will give it to you on a silver platter. Take your pick fire roads, single track, hill-climbs, rocky technical stuff, desert riding, pavement, fantastic views, they have it all. Don’t forget to bring a camera. I forgot my camera and I’m still kicking myself. Well I hope that makes it a little clearer for those of you that are on the fence about one of these tours. Quit thinking about it and just do it. It just might change your life. I will be back soon for another tour and I’m bringing some people with me. I’m going to break 100 miles next time.

Steve R., Wisconsin
We wanted to thank you for an awesome ride out of Primm! Nick & I had the time of our lives. We originally just wanted to rent bikes and go it alone, now we see what a mistake that would have been. Uwe customized the ride to fit exactly what we wanted. We took our time inspecting the mines, caves and Indian ruins and then rode at our (fast) pace through challenging terrain. We covered 145 miles in abt 9 hrs and got to stop and see great sites, just like promised.

Being from Wisconsin and not getting away much, the desert and mountains were incredible to see. Uwe was so well prepared and had so much to offer. Vast knowledge of the sites and area, great route to ride, newer and well maintained equipment.

Sean A., UK
Many thanks for arranging such a wonderful ride last Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the day. The fall early in the day was just one way of getting a feel for the bike and I must say I learned a great deal about sand. Uwe, I really appreciate your skill in presenting just the exactly correct amount of pressure, never boring and always approaching the limits of what was possible for me. Again many thanks and looking forward to the next time.

Craig & Kathleen W., New York
I just wanted to say thank you for an excellent time during the scenic Dual Sport ride. The experience was one that my wife Kathleen and I will never forget. I have to say that it was some of the best riding excursions I’ve done in my life! We find ourselves re-hashing some of our favorite moments from the adventure quite often.

Brian S.
Our ride with Justin & Jim was great! We want to ride LA-Vegas next fall. We definitely want Justin& Jim as our guides! These guys are world class. Thanks for your help.

Joseph B.
Just rode again this weekend with Admo Tours. Always Great, always what I need as a rider. A private lesson with a Great Rider who took the time to check my bike, check my tire pressure and always stopped to explain things. Had a Great time just riding…no drama with your friends , slow pokes or no shows or if you just want to ride with a Great rider. He was even kind enough to share his bike with me. I am a better rider than today than I was yesterday. Thank you again AdMo Tours…I will be back again.

Keith K.
Thank you for the fantastic day riding in the foothills out of Wrightwood and in the desert. I highly recommend this day ride for anyone like me who is interested in exploring the world of Dual Sport riding. The KTM450 was solid and ran flawlessly for 7 hours and 130 miles of hill climbs, fire roads, single track, blasting the open desert and the bare minimum of pavement to connect all the above. John C. was a fun, knowledgeable and safe guide for all the above. He provided some great tips – especially for soft sand (“speed is your friend!”), I highly recommend AdMo for a great adventure! Also, thanks for the special treat of letting me try your personal machine. I know its nothing for you, but the power of that 500 scared the crap out of me!


Jaco S., Namibia
Now that the dust has settled and we are all fully submerged in the reality of real life again, I just wanted to take a few minutes to say THANK YOU.  Thank you for the professionalism throughout this back and forth drivers license debacle, Thank you to all the guys, Uwe, Bret and Daron for an unforgettable experience, Thank you to all especially those behind the scenes for going above and beyond to make this such a fun trip, Thank you to John for the pointers on getting our bikes Baja ready. Thank you for not giving up on us,  I honestly appreciate it a lot and I hope we were not too much of a pain in the backside, haha.  I am certain that we will be in contact again in the not so far future to plan the next adventure.

Philipe D., Guadeloupe
This message to thank you for your personal involvement in the organization and support of tour last trip to Sequoia Park. For me and for my friends, the experience will be our greatest adventure off road motorcycle. Trails and single track were beautiful and often very difficult. Everything was perfect!

Jason T., Massachusetts
What a great ride!!!! Awesome!!! I can’t say how great it was! I want to say the guides that put on the tour with us, Chase, Justin, and Chuck ROCK!! They made the tour experience exceptional, you surely have a great company and people working for ADMO tours….including yourself!! I would recommend this tour and hopefully will be taking this ride again!!!! Thank you , Kathryn, Chase, Justin, and Chuck for all your hospitality and genuinely being great people!

Jim M., Oklahoma
I want to report that our trip to Europe was the best motorcycle trip I have ever experienced. We could not have asked for a better guide or a better motorcycle rider to be out front. We will always contact AdMo first for any future motorcycle tours.

Michael H., Canada
Thank you so much for the terrific experience I had with AdMo. I’m still riding the high from that tour and I’ve got some great memories that will last a lifetime. I couldn’t have imagined two better guides than we had – Sam and Chase were amazing. Not only were they great riders, but they were also good guys with great attitudes all day long.

Mark V., Canada
Unbelievable trip that’s for sure.. We’ll be back to do another trip in the future. Your guides were amazing and every place we stayed was awesome. We all had a trip of a life time. AdMo Tours rocks!

Andrew B.
It was the most amazing experience of my life.!!!!! I loved it all. 5 countries in 5 days. Awesome. Seriously, I could do this Alps tour every summer and never get bored.

Sigrid W.
I would definitely recommend this trip to others. It was especially great that our guide, Uwe, is from the area and knows lots of good places to see and good restaurants. Also, it was the perfect size group of people.

Hans-Peter A., Germany
I just finished the 3-days LA2Vegas tour. It was a fantastic adventure for me. I rode together with 3 very nice guys, 2 from Canada and one from Alaska. The group was great and I felt very well integrated despite being from Germany and not a native English speaker. Aron and John were the tour guides from ADMO and they were awesome. Aron first of all is an incredible dirt bike rider and he knows each and every trail. he has put together a route that i can only describe as the perfect adventure. Sand, gravel, rocks, whoops – everything you expect from a desert ride, and beyond! When we rode through one challenging terrain you could bet the next section is even more challenging. And John was always there to keep an eye on us so that we don’t get lost or hurt ourselves too much when we dropped the bike – which of course happened a few times. The third Guy from ADMO was Chuck who drove the truck. He was always there to fill up the gas and provide drinks and snacks. All three of them made us feel safe and comfortable and as a group we had a lot of fun sitting together for dinner in the evening. Besides the fantastic trails and perfect organization I enjoyed this a lot. But the best thing for me is: I really improved my riding skills dramatically from day to day. Thanks again to all of you at ADMO! I will certainly come back and book with you again.

Gary B., Wyoming
Chalk up another fantastic tour! Even though it was only 3 days in the Mojave desert, it seemed much longer because of the jam-packed days. Every day was a full day’s ride. Uwe, being the professional that he is, always had a pocket full of alternate routes and could pick one to match our interest, skill and energy level. At the end of every day my butt was thoroughly kicked, but it was some of the most fun I’ve ever had. Sometimes you concentrate on hanging on for dear life as you scream across a dry lake bed, sometimes you wallow around cursing the sand, other times you just feel like yelling out loud because you can’t believe you’re having this much fun. With Dawn serving the best sandwich this side of Chicago and Jimmy and Kaiya providing moral support it was the perfect “quick-trip” getaway.

Kevin Z., Tennessee
Thanks for a fantastic 3 day trip in the desert. John and I can truly say this exceeded not only our expectations but hopes. Thanks, Uwe for not babying us. I can’t believe how much I learned. Keep up the good work. Kev

Florian D., Germany
Thank you for 3 great days in Mohave desert. It was a ride I’ll never forget. Uwe and his team did a perfect job in organizing and realization the tour. He is a great tour guide with a good feeling for his guests and knows the desert and all locations of interest very well. It was like riding with a good friend. The varied tour we made is perfect for edurists with good experience. We had everything fast tracks, deep sand and trail sections in a fantastic nature. I’m sure this was not my last tour with Uwe and his team.

Laszlo K., Minnesota
I had a fantastic time out in the desert! It was beyond my expectations. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I didn’t care for the thick sand but I loved the rest. I guess I’ll have to come back out and learn to ride in the sand better! And just like the Inca tour, the tour organization was first class. You definitely know how to put on a great ride!

Francois A.
It was the best experience of a life time. The best way to have a honeymoon is on a motorcycle. Nothern Italy Alps was the perfect place to go. This was the first time doing something like this and ADMO made it very easy. I had many questions before we left for the trip and the staff at ADMO answered them all and in a timely manner and set me at ease.

Shannon T., Indiana
I wanted to thank you and everyone at ADMO tours for the fantastic experience you gave my husband. He was blown away by everything he got to enjoy on the trip. You were all very accommodating, even under the unusual circumstances for Eric’s trip. He was VERY surprised, and has not stopped talking about the tour. He can’t wait to come back. The tour guides and support were fantastic and went out of their way to make the trip great. I had the chance to meet Russell and John over the weekend. That was a pleasure, I can’t imagine 2 nicer guys. I would trust them with my husband anytime. Eric said that you ladies in the office were so nice and made him feel welcome immediately. We would recommend this experience to any rider. Thank you again. I’m sure Eric will be back.

Charles N., UK
A big thank you from the (not very) magnificent seven Brits in January 2014. It was worth the trip from England. And then some. None of us quite knew what to expect; all we did know was that the trip was fairly pricey, a long way from home and that we’d be going to Death Valley, the hottest place on earth.

So what made it so memorable? Well, the AdMo team were fantastic. Uwe knew everything and everywhere – we went on incredible routes; rocks, sand, dunes, trails, scrub, bumps of every design imaginable, up hills and down river beds. Uwe always knew where we were (well, except at the end…) and always stopped to take in the sights (how do those rocks move?). Matt gave us a masterclass in how to ride, Sam was the picture of organization (thanks again for the great photos), always making sure the van was in the right place, the chairs were out and a cold drink was to hand; Brett and John backed everything up calmly. The bikes worked without so much as a splutter, even when tested to the max, although we did have rather fewer indicators between us at the end of the trip than at the beginning. Even Death Valley was a pleasant temperature. We did a six day tour from LA to Vegas. It was spot on. Do it.


Olivier B., Switzerland
It was the best holidays of my life and I would like to thank you again for your patient and kind help with the bike reservation! Go on like this. Amanda and Kathryn you are both great.

Joe N., Pennsylvania
I just wanted to thank you for the excellent assistance and preparation you made for me so I could rent a bike in Zurich. I picked up the K1600 as scheduled and went on to have an amazing time and ride. The folks at Switzerland rental station are professionals who went above and beyond to ensure I had a great time. They even allowed me to return the bike on Tuesday morning and did not charge me for the extra day. I could not have been more pleased with the entire transaction right from the start. Even when your area was threatened by the fires, by the way I hope everything turned out well, you still returned my calls. Thank you so very much for everything and I will certainly rent from AdMo-Tours again.
It was a great vacation for sure.

Greg A., Australia
I am just writing to thank you for all your professionalism and answering our sometimes dumb questions in helping us to organise our trip of a life time. Everything went off without a problem and all bikes were reliable except for a slight miss in the Spyder which I think was bad fuel. No punctures which was great. We were impressed with the partner station when we turned up to look at the bikes and found them labelled with our names on them and more importantly new tyres fitted to the front.

This gave a sense of safety knowing that the bikes were looked after properly. Seattle office was the same in the way they processed our hand over. They even gave some of our group a lift to the airport. Once again many thanks. We will recommend you to any people wishing to do the same.

Joe N., UK
The support given was excellent, especially as I had specific requests which needed to be met. A great experience overall.

Dana C., California
Without a doubt. It was our honeymoon, and we had no idea how much fun we were getting into. The adventure that we had with the motorbike was an experience that we will cherish and think about for eternity. Thank you do much for the professional service, kindness, and well-kept bikes.

Billy B., Canada
Everyone I dealt with at ADMO was very accommodating and pleasant to deal with, They went out of their way to arrange a special delivery so that I could rent a KTM 1190. I will most defiantly be using ADMO again in the future and will be recommending them to all of my friends. Thanks.

Todd T., New York
My weekend rental in Munich went very well. The bike has well prepared, ready on time, and ran perfectly. The rental station was very personable and helpful. My ride down to Lake Lucerne was awesome. I’m very happy with ADMO and will recommend it to others.

Suzanne and Pierre C., Canada
Hi David, Sorry I did not reply sooner after getting back to Canada (back to work and all). Just wanted to let you know that I hope you’re there the next time we want to take a Bike trip to Arizona or anywhere else for that matter. Service was great, fast and simple, the bike was fantastic and we road a great deal of the route 66, made Yuma, Los Algodones Mexico (if you need to fix your smile that’s the place). We were able to touch three states, Nevada, California and Arizona. The dunes just west of Yuma were impressive. So far we’ve never had so much fun on a great bike. The electra glide was top shape and in great order. The rack on the trunk came in very VERY handy. Thank-you so very much for the effort you put in to help us get it. We greatly appreciate the effort. Hope you have a super summer. Thank-you very much for a pleasant experience. Enjoyed dealing with Admo-tours. Will recommend you to anyone!!!

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