Dirt Bike Training – Las Vegas
Level 4, Advanced


Primm (Las Vegas), Nevada

USA, North America

Ride category

Off road


1 day

Ride difficulty

4.0 / 5.0

Person driving through the desert during the advance Level 4 course

Safety and fun at the dirt bike training!

An accumulation of dirt bike skills are required to blast safely and with maximum fun through rough terrain beyond graded roads and prepped motocross tracks. This advanced training is our Las Vegas location answer to follow-up to our intermediate dirt bike training (Level 3) and improves your existing dirt bike skills. The training is conducted by the motto “Learn to ride and ride to improve”. So we will add a large amount of off-road riding even without roads and trails. It’s a great skill builder and refresher training for any intermediate off-road motorcyclist!

A few warm-up laps will allow your coach to survey your riding level. Almost right away you will be riding the trails to be confronted with and practice real terrain challenges. One essential part of the training is to act intuitive, anticipate and evaluate the terrain and budget your energy. To do so we will not only focus on riding positions while crossing obstacles, we will also practice the combined usage of feathering clutch, advanced throttle control and specific brake interventions. Your coach will give you individual pointers to improve your riding technique and he will show you some essentials about orientation and navigation.

This advanced dirt bike training is different from other offers because during the one day training you will ride up to 50 miles of rough off-road terrain. A well progressing set of drills are conducted while repeating real trail features throughout a scenic ride in the Mojave Desert of Southern Nevada. We cater to the individual needs of the participants.

Rider learning to do a wheelie in the desert in AdMos level 4 advance training

Who should attend this advanced dirt bike training?

Anyone, age 18 or older with routine in riding motorcycles off road (no driver license needed)
Those who have accomplished the ADMO intermediate training (Level 3)
Dirt bike rider who would like to improve existing skills and habits
Experienced off-road riders and racers who want to refresh their skills

Rider practicing their turns on dirt bikes during the Level 4 Advance course

Advanced Training Topics:

Motorcycle setup and pre-ride prep
Riders preparation
Positive terrain reading and tire placement
Obstacles, banked turns, rock steps, single tracks
Balance, physics and speed to manage riders energy
Advanced clutch, throttle and brake techniques
Intuitive dirt bike control
Wheelies, jumps and drifting
Orientation and navigation
Route planning influenced by terrain, weather and temperature
Rules and regulations to ride off-road

At the end of the day you will be content and exhausted, looking back to an adventure training with plenty of saddle time and many challenges. The goal of this training is to make you recognize your habits formed from your riding experiences – perhaps over many years. We will help you understand what you actually do while controlling the bike and show you how you can improve to ride safer, faster, and have more fun. A successful completion of this training will provide you the skills to comfortably participate on any of our guided off-road tours.

This is a small group event catering to the needs of the individual participants. This training is focused on recreational dirt bike riding. It is a great starter to prepare for the adventure of the beaten path.

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    Full Training Details

    Duration: 1 day

    Daily riding hours: About 6 hours

    Ride difficulty: 4 (see skill levels)

    International Airports: LAS

    Group size: 2 - 6

    Suitable for passengers: No

    Suitable for children: 18+

    Terrain: A flat small dry lake at about 2700 feet elevation, some 30 miles south of Las Vegas.
    This area is surrounded by typical Mojave Desert landscape - eroded peaks and mound- like hills with sand, rocks, and dry washes. The lake bed is free of vegetation with a packed-dirt play a surface.

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    Booking Requirements

    Rider's age, minimum 18 years
    Valid ID, or any required document to travel this country (passport, visa, etc)
    Helmets required

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    Included Services

    Instruction on dirt-bike riding techniques
    Technical support
    Snacks, water, & refreshments
    Preparation fee & booking fee
    Course fee

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    Not included

    Mandatory motorcycle insurance for street-legal dual sport bikes (see FAQ, "General Questions")
    All services not specified in the "included services" section, such as admission(s) (if applicable) and meals.

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    Optional Services

    Select your optional services (for example: gear, insurance) during the booking process.

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    Payment Requirements

    25% pre-payment required for reservation
    Balance due 6 weeks prior to tour start
    With valid credit card
    Security deposit: US $1000/bike (with CDW: US $500/bike). Cash or valid credit card

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    Training Dates

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