Dirt Bike Training – Las Vegas
Level 3, Intermediate


Jean (Las Vegas), Nevada

USA, North America

Ride category

Off road


1 day

Ride difficulty

3.0 / 5.0

Two bikers enjoying AdMo Tours level training 3

Get Adventure Ready, Gain Experience!

This one day training is intended for riders who want to get more relaxed while riding off-road. It is a training which can be taken multiple times until you feel ready. We want you to get comfortable and understand your ability of what you as a rider are capable of. The main idea behind this class is to build up from the level 2 course and get seat time while improving your existing skills to progress to the next level.

Starting at the diverse off-road riding area we will take you on a “on the ride” training, including trails, roads and cross country sections in the Nevada desert, just 30 minutes from Las Vegas. We will teach you to be a safer and faster rider. Much of it will be accomplished by improving your anticipation and projecting terrain reading skills in combination with mind and vision. Along the route we will exercise techniques to build confidence. Learn about how to equip your tool pack, being prepped for a flat tire, and how to practice basic code of safety for two-way traffic.

This is a different off-road training because you are riding most of the day. You will be coached along the way, learning in actual terrain situations. Experience the challenge of navigating the rough and rutted hills. Get to understand communication on the trails and find your comfort to be a safer rider.

Motorcyclist standing on his motorcyle during level trainging 3

Who should attend this Intermediate dirt bike training?

Anyone, age 15 or older, with some motorcycle riding experience
Motorcyclists who have accomplished the ADMO Novice Course (Level 2)
Dirt bike riders who would like to get ready for dual sport adventures
Riders who need seat time

Motorcyclist riding through the desert during level training 3

Intermediate Training Topics:

Group trail riding etiquette and hand signals
Improve safety to carry speed
Faster controlled braking
Cornering rough terrain
Footpeg weighting distribution
Front wheel control to clear obstacles
Proper line selection
Clutch control
Riding with a dual sport roll-chart
Trail equipment (tool pack and more)
What to do when your bike won’t start
Fixing a flat on the ride

This is a skill builder fun ride and training combination helping you to understand your abilities. It is designed to be taken multiple times until you feel ready to progress to our level 4 advanced training or participate on dual sport adventures and guided tours.

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    Full Training Details

    Duration: 1 day

    Daily riding hours: About 6 hours

    Ride difficulty: 3 (see skill levels)

    International Airports: LAS

    Group size: 2 - 6

    Suitable for passengers: No

    Suitable for children: 15+

    Terrain: A flat small dry lake at about 2700 feet elevation, some 30 miles south of Las Vegas.
    This area is surrounded by typical Mojave Desert landscape - eroded peaks and mound- like hills with sand, rocks, and dry washes. The lake bed is free of vegetation with a packed-dirt play a surface.

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    Booking Requirements

    Rider's age, minimum 15 years
    Valid ID, or any required document to travel to this country (passport, visa, etc.)
    Helmets are required

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    Included Services

    Instruction on dirt-bike riding techniques
    Technical support
    Snacks, water, & refreshments
    Preparation fee & booking fee
    Course fee

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    Not included

    All services not specified in the "included services" section, such as admission(s) (if applicable) and meals.

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    Optional Services

    Select your optional services (for example: gear, insurance) during the booking process.

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    Payment Requirements

    25% pre-payment required for reservation
    Balance due 6 weeks prior to tour start
    With valid credit card
    Security deposit: US $1000/bike (with CDW: US $500/bike). Cash or valid credit card

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    Training Dates

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