Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Will my credit card be charged if I fill out a booking form and the service I want is not available?

Your credit card will be charged at the moment of the completion of your booking in the amount shown on your online booking creation. If your booking is enough in advance you will only be charged a 25% prepay as reservation deposit. You will receive an automated invoice for the remaining balance. This reservation system is based on live availability. In the rare event that we can’t fulfill our commitment we will work with you to offer alternatives or refund your payment.

How can I confirm that the motorcycle rental or tour dates I want is available?

This website offers a sophisticated live availability system, showing you only available dates and service at the time of your booking. There is no need to contact us first, we will check availability from the same system.

Is an international permit really necessary? How do I get an international permit?

All renter of a street legal motorcycle and participant of a dual sport, adventure or street tour must have a valid original motorcycle endorsed driver’s license which needs to be presented at time of the motorcycle pickup. Learner permits are not sufficient. All riders with a non-US driver’s license must provide a valid Passport or a valid government-issued ID card as a secondary form of ID at the time of pickup. Driver’s license printed with non Roman Alphabet (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic etc) must be complemented by an international driver’s license. You can obtain an international permit through your local auto club such as AAA.

Do I need to have special insurance?

AdMo-Tours Inc. strongly recommends that you take out adequate travel insurance including Medical, Evacuation and Repatriation coverage and that you extend your coverage to include Trip Cancellation.

What is a Crash Damage Waiver (CDW)?

CDW limits the renters responsibility to a set maximum amount in the event of damage. Without the CDW, the renter is responsible for all damage or loss  to the motorcycle.

What is mandatory motorcycle insurance for street-legal dual sport bikes?

In order to rent any street legal motorcycle or use one of our bikes included in a guided motorcycle tour in the USA all renters are required to purchase comprehensive Insurance for the full period of their rental. We make this easy by allowing you to add on to our motorcycle fleet rental policy, for $15 per day (plus a $3 one-time set-up fee).

What’s the cancellation fee?

The minimum cancellation fee is the amount of your reservation deposit, typically 25%. You will find the complete chart of cancellation regulation in our Terms and Conditions.

What happens if I miss to pay my balance?

If the final payment is not received, AdMo-Tours has the right to treat this reservation as canceled and you will lose your entire down payment.

What, if I have to change my booking?

Changes must be requested by email. Client-requested changes after invoicing are subject to a fee indicated in the Terms and condition.  Any date changes are subject to a cancellation fee.

Do I have to leave a security deposit at pickup or event start?

Yes, at pick-up of any rental motorcycle you are required to leave a credit card security deposit with AdMo or its rental provider.

What happens if I am not able to keep the appointment because of act of nature beyond control?

You will fall under our cancellation policy and refunds may not apply. There will be no refunds for tardiness. If you show up late to pick up your rental motorcycle or miss part of your tour or training we will help you in a reasonable way so you might receive the services booked for the remaining duration. AdMo-Tours Inc. strongly recommends that you take out adequate trip cancellation insurance.

What happens if the minimum number of participants is not reached?

If a tour or training has not reached the minimum participants to be carried out we will inform you about your options. Typically AdMo offers one, or a combination, of the following up to 28 days prior event start:
– increased rate
– altered route
– changed service
– postponed event date
– canceled event

We recommend that you wait to purchase any airline tickets or non refundable accommodations if your trip is pending this service.

Are the prices on your Website binding?

This is a mostly automated system with live availability and true pricing. If for any reason we would detect any system error in pricing or dates with your electronic reservation we would tell you as soon as we are aware of the problem and give you the option of cancelling or confirming your booking.

Questions about motorcycle rentals

Are the motorcycle photos on the rental pages true to life? Is the actual bike that color/year?

We use stock photos for most rental motorcycles. Therefore, the bike you rent may be slightly different from the bike you see pictured – it may be a different color or year, and it may come with different accessories.

How far in advance should I book a motorcycle rental?

Motorcycles may be booked faster during the high season when we operate also more guided tours. In some cases, the entire fleet of rental motorcycles can be booked several months in advance. We suggest making reservations as soon as possible.

What, if I want to pick-up my motorcycle and do not have a valid motorcycle license or valid passport?

You are responsible for all documents required by law. Learner permits are not sufficient for the rental of a street legal bike and the participation on guided duals sport tours. There will be no refunds.

Do I get a refund if I return my motorcycle earlier?

No, no refunds for early returns or unused fuel, etc. and no refunds for changes during pick-up to return earlier as booked.

Why do I need a Renter’s Insurance?

All renters of our dual sport motorcycles (in Wrightwood and Las Vegas) are required to purchase the mandatory Renter’s Insurance for the full period of their rental. The insurance protects Renter against claims made by a third party for bodily injury and/or property damage sustained as a result of an accident. This mandatory coverage will be purchased prior to the start of rental. A proof of insurance receipt in the Renter’s name shall be carried on the motorcycle at all times.

Questions about dirt bike services

I’m interested in a dirt bike training class for my child. Are there age limits?

Yes, typically we say minimum 10 years of age is possible for a level 1 training. However it depends or your child. We have seen kids riding younger than the age of 5. We even offer bikes with training wheels, however under 10 years of age the training becomes more a play day and needed to be booked together with other family members as a private event. We can make an exception to the age limit for the AdMo-Tours dirt bike training classes if the child already has riding experience. Please keep in mind that age limitations may not be flexible for motorcycle rentals or guided tours.

If I take your dirt bike training class, will I then have enough experience to do one of your tours?

Yes, you may go through our multi level training to get enough experience to ride on one of our tours. However, this depends on how well you progressed in the class. Please also keep in mind that some tours are more difficult than others. At the end of the training session, your trainer should be able to tell you whether or not you are ready to ride on a specific tour.

Do you customize lessons for the dirt bike training school? Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, we can customize lessons to suit your riding needs or the riding needs of your group. However, if other riders outside your private group are also booked for the same training session, we adhere to a basic curriculum. If you prefer to have a fully customized lesson, it is possible for an extra fee to book a private lesson only for you or your group.

Do you allow motocross bikes on your dirt bike tours and rides?

Motocross bikes may only be used during some training and some tours (Gold Rush Hub Tour) during red-sticker season.  For dual-sport tours and rides in the United States, the routes we ride require all bikes to be street legal, so motocross bikes are not permissible on those tours.

How much advanced notice do you need to book a day ride?

We generally require at least 3 days notice before booking a day ride. However, we suggest you book as early as possible to ensure availability.

Do you offer single-day or two-day rides even if I’m the only rider?

Yes. Even if no other riders sign up for the ride you have booked, the ride is still on!

Are there restrictions for the use of bikes with two-cycle (two-stroke) motors?

If you have a street-legal two-stroke bike, you may bring it on a tour if it meets our criteria for gas capacity (120 miles), insurance, and up-to-date registration.

I have only a Learner’s Permit; can I participate on a guided Dual Sport Tour?

A holder of a learner’s permit is allowed to participate on AdMo’s guided dual sport tours in the US and Baja California as long as the holder presents individual insurance for the motorcycle and his learners permit covers the category of motorcycle ridden on tour. AdMo’s rental fleet insurance does not accept the Lerner’s Permit. Therefore you will need to obtain your own additional motorcycle insurance for our rental bike. The policy needs to list AdMo-Tours Inc. as additional insured. Such insurance for holders of learner permits can be obtained with Progressive Insurance for example. Ask your insurance agent.

Questions about motorcycle tours

How far in advance should I book a motorcycle tour?

Tours are booked faster during the high season, which differs depending on the location. In some cases, a motorcycle tour can be completely booked up a year in advance of the tour. For this reason, we suggest making reservations as soon as possible.

What’s the difference between round tours, hub tours and one-way tours?

On the round tour arrival and departure will be at the same location while the tour is stopping at different destinations.

On the one-way tours the arrival location will be different as the departure.

On the hub tour we will stay at the same location for the duration of the tour. You can be sure that we will ride different routes every day.

Since last week I am a happy owner of a motorcycle driver’s license. May I come on a tour now?

Of course you „may“ come as long as you meet the requirements of the tour (minimum age, rider’s experience). In order to enjoy a guided motorcycle tour and to enjoy the environment without stress, we recommend a minimum ride experience of 2 years or 5000 ridden kilometers (3000 miles).

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