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Baja, Mexico – My experience on the Northern Baja Tour, in October!

When I sat down to write this blog I was going to write a detailed story about the trip. After five minutes, I was already bored and didn’t bother reading it myself, so I figured I would mix it up. Here are my Top 10 Baja trip moments:

Everyone has an idea about Mexico, from drug deals gone bad to drive-by shootings at your local taco stand. IT’S NOTHING LIKE THAT!!! The Baja area is awesome. The locals love dirt bikes and they love having people come down and visit their beautiful peninsula. They welcome you with open arms and make sure you have a good time.

Baja offers some of the most unique terrain in the world – from white sandy beaches to rocky hill climbs, and everything in between. One moment you are flying down the beach going 85 miles per hour and the next moment you are riding single trails through the pine forests of the Baja Peninsula.


Coyote Cals, Mama Espinoza’s, Mikes Sky Ranch, and Coco’s Corner are famous all around the world. After a long day on the bike nothing feels better than a cold Mexican Coke, while you check out the Baja motorcycle history found in the countless pictures, posters, and jerseys spread all over these great places.

I’ve been to many great beaches all over the world, but Baja has some of the most beautiful ones; the best thing is you can ride them without getting in trouble. If you have ever looked at a Caribbean postcard and wondered what it would feel like to tear up that beautiful white beach, wonder no more. Go to Baja and tear it up!


Being a younger rider, my biggest fear was going on a week-long Mexican trip with a bunch of guys more than twice my age. I didn’t feel like sitting at the dinner table talking about their high blood pressure and their retirement plans. Luckily it was nothing like that. After meeting everyone in San Diego the first day, we all got to know each other on the drive down to Mexico. After a long week on bikes, we all went our separate ways as friends; thanks to social media, we still get to laugh at each other’s pictures of getting stuck on the trail or the steep hill climbs.

The local cuisine has a lot to offer, from the infamous Mexican fish tacos to hot and spicy salsa – in my case, quesadillas three times a day. One thing is certain…. you will never sit on your bike hungry. Add some of the extra-sugary Mexican Coke and you have the dinner experience of a lifetime.

No matter where you stop you are guaranteed to run into someone that has just as much fun riding across Baja as yourself. Riding motorcycles is all about finding people that are as crazy as you, so you can share your passion with them. Baja and the fine cervezas make for some incredible campfire stories.

As I mentioned before, the locals love dirt bikes and they love seeing people letting them rip. High fiving all the kids along the beach and in the little villages was one of the best parts of my trip. I love riding bikes, and if it puts a smile on someone else’s face, even better!

For me, as a racer, it was awesome to ride a lot of the famous Baja 1000 sections. To ride the same terrain as motorcycle legends like Malcom Smith, Johnny Campell or the late Kurt Caselli was special to me and gave me a whole new perspective on how gnarly these guys are.

10. LET’S GO
Riding in Baja was an amazing time. I rode a lot of unknown terrain, yet there is so much more down there that I haven’t seen and so many more quesadillas to eat. Thank you, Baja, for being awesome!!! I will come back for more adventures, for more epic riding along the coast, more ice cold cervezas, for your beautiful señoritas and for endless good times.


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