AdMo-Tours (Adventure Motorcycle Tours) was originally created in 1998. In the beginning, it was a one-man tour guide service, which expanded into a broad motorcycle travel organization. For far more than a decade, we have been your motorcycle travel agency, motorcycle travel advisor, and motorcycle tour operator. With our worldwide motorcycle travel experience, we offer the benefits of individual consulting on your motorcycle adventure. If you are planning a motorcycle rental in Europe, a guided motorcycle tour in America, or a motorcycle adventure tour in Patagonia… no matter what your plans are, we are ready if you are!

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AdMo-Tours Inc. was founded in California in 2001, with a focus on dirt biking in the southwestern United States. We organize dirt bike and dual sport rentals, tours and training in the beautiful deserts, forests, and mountains of California, Nevada and northern Mexico.

Our own fleet includes dirt bikes and dual sport motorcycles in the Los Angeles and Las Vegas areas. For global organized motorcycle tours, we arrange only the best bikes for our customers at local rental stations or motorcycle shops. For this reason, AdMo has unbeatable knowledge about motorcycle rentals, which is why we feel confident in offering motorcycle rentals in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Customized group tours have been a specialty of AdMo-Tours since the beginning. We organize for example individual tours for business employees and motorcycle clubs, and have experience with group sizes of 35 bikes and larger. For companies like Schubert or Louis, we have organized incentive travel programs, and for Shoei Europe we have created and led an unusual guided tour around the Laguna Seca GP races with journalists from many well-known Motorcycle Magazines.

Since 2005, AdMo has been involved in several television and video shoots. With our operations so close to Hollywood and access to several large off-road parks, we have had many opportunities to use our services for advertising and television shots.

Our team was involved in:

  • Speed TV
  • Dirt Bike TV
  • Mag Rack with Big Schwag
  • GQ promotional shot
  • Wrangler promotional shot
  • the DVD “Let’s Riiide”
  • “Where Cars Don’t Dare”
  • And More…

For every person, the meaning of "motorcycle adventure" is different. For us, it means freedom. The freedom to ride across Southern California's deserts and mountain ranges, along beaches and forests, riding without paved roads, to experience the wilderness and lonelyiness while feeling safe to return to civilization hassle free at any time quickly... that's AdMo-Tours freedom!

Whatever your definition of motorcycle adventure is, it is a unique experience to discover the multifaceted wonders of this earth. AdMo-Tours will help you to ride the world on two wheels.

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