Death Valley Adventure Tour, Day 5
March 25, 2013
LA2Vegas – From Los Angeles to Las Vegas
May 21, 2013

AdMo Tour Guide Training

The day began in Wrightwood, as we headed to El Mirage dry lakebed.

The El Mirage off-road area is a 24,000 acre open OHV area, offering moderate to hard riding terrain. Just perfect for our off-road riding. The dry lakebed itself has a smooth, dry, loamy soil surface…. ideal for dirt bike training. As we were driving on the dry lakebed, it looked like there was water in the distance, but it was a desert illusion – the heat allows the air to reflect a mirage. The sky is a clear blue and there is a light breeze blowing, and the heat is bearable. A lot of water is consumed when we ride in the desert.

More than 20 motorcycles are lined up and waiting to glide across the sandy ground. In the pleasant shade of the EZ-up, the 12 tour guides drill theory: how to welcome clients, staging, emergency plan, etc. To make sure the lessons are not dryer than the climate:-), riding drills are conducted in between: seating position, clutch operation for beginners, assessing clients’ riding level, etc.

We grill burgers for lunch, and a home-made potato salad is served. Yummy!

The afternoon is exclusively for teaching riding practice only. With complete equipment (Camelback and Fanny pack) the tour guides learn to teach proper breaking and figure eights. Afterwards we go on a 1.5 hour ride into the nearby hills to practice leading a tour.


We never stop learning … in spite of years of experience (sometimes decades) there is still always new information.

We pack up and leave El Mirage for the day.

A wonderful day with lots of fun comes to an end, as we drive into the sunset.


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